Jazz e.V., Herbst 2011

4. Konzert

Sa, 26. 11.2011 • Beginn: 20.00 Uhr • Kultur-Schranne


Tarfala Trio (GB/S)

Barry Guy (b)

Mats Gustafsson (reeds)

Raymond Strid (dr)






"Guy, Gustafsson and Strid make their music difficult to capture with tools as blunt and lethargic as words. One is tempted to lunge at it, but it just wriggles away. The trio's sound is an accumulation of precisely timed movements: elements of steady determination, strategy, even calculation, but also, once the move is started, a force of lightning quickness and tensile strength. Nothing hesitant, nothing unsure. This is frogging music, no doubt in my mind. A form of improvising that requires the same kind of deep emphatic relations. To communicate at a level not just reactive – the brutality of scaring frogs into nets, or of simple question-answer improvising – but truly emphatic. To visualise the fly through the frog's eyes."

John Corbett, Chicago, June 1996





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