Jazz e.V., Herbst 2011

3. Konzert

Fr, 28.10.2011 • Beginn: 20.00 Uhr • Kultur-Schranne


Samuel Blaser / Marc Ducret (CH/F/USA)










Samuel Blaser (trombone) Marc Ducret (guitar) Bänz Oester (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums)

Vortex Magazine - Chris Parker - October 12th 2010:

Samuel Blaser was initially attracted to the trombone after seeing a marching band perform near his home in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel ('I guess I liked how the big, showy slide of the trombone was used'), and his ingenuous enthusiasm for the instrument is still palpable, even though he now uses it to perform some of the most sophisticated music heard from it since the heyday of Albert Mangelsdorff.

He and his touring band – guitarist Marc Ducret, bassist Bänz Oester and drummer Gerald Cleaver – play unfettered jazz sparked by tricksy heads, employing all the textures and timbres of freely improvised music (in Blaser's case everything from the softest crooning, through rapid boppish runs, to raucous but carefully controlled blurts and blasts; in Ducret's, filigree-delicate faraway musing, through stuttering squirts, to splintered-glass climaxes) in their extended explorations of Blaser's absorbingly convoluted themes.

The trombone is one of the most straightforwardly expressive of instruments, garrulous and caressing, harsh and insinuating by turns, and Blaser has a technique impressive enough to utilise all its moods entirely uncontrivedly, so that, over the vigorous rhythm-section work of the full-bodied Oester and the brisk but powerful Cleaver, he and the ever-resourceful Ducret were able to produce an extraordinary variety of improvised reactions to the music's vibrant, pleasantly nervy heads.

Blaser is currently seen as one of the brightest new stars in the jazz-trombone firmament, and this performance amply demonstrated the soundness of this assessment.


Tony Malaby
Gerald Cleaver
Marc Ducret



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